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Brett McConnell - Guitar and Vocals          Aniana Hough - Vocals


Upcoming Dates:


There are currently no shows scheduled.


Past Dates:


7/23/13 - The Jade Lounge - 7-10pm


8/31/13 - The Jade Lounge - 6-8pm


9/30/13 - The Jade Lounge - 7-10pm


10/9/13 - The White Eagle 9-10pm


11/27/13 - The White Eagle - 8pm (Opening for Mimi Naja)




   Aniana and Brett first met while being members of a high-energy Portland, Oregon based funk band, performing dozens of gigs throughout the Pacific Northwest for two years.

    In early 2012, Brett and Aniana decided to form a large horn-driven funk tribute to Guns N' Roses, titled Funk N' Roses ( With Aniana performing the role of Axl Rose and Brett playing bass guitar, they continued to share a unique chemistry on stage.

    After years of screaming, wailing, and generally loud singing on stage, Aniana decided to put together a stripped-down project with Brett in which she could return to her roots and sing soft, laid back, beautiful songs with memorable melodies that have shaped her musical path throughout the years.

   Brahñana performs many songs that span through a variety of genres. This includes the likes of En Vogue, Extreme, Guns N' Roses, Aaliyah, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and many more. They also perform original material from Aniana's upcoming solo album. These songs also cover a large variety of genres, such as funk, reggae, folk, and blues.

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